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Why Hair-Tek Brand Hair Fibers are superior

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Benefits and differences between traditional hair building fibers "China" vs. Best Products

Wholesale USA made hair building fibers.

Chinese fibers mainly come from one factory in China. Top brands on the market including the number one selling brand in the world come from this same factory.

In 2006 I found an advertisement for Toppik and I purchased a bottle because I had thinning hair on the back of my head. I was pleasantly surprised at the results as I could no longer see the thinning spot as the fibers covered up the thinning area. Initially, I was satisfied however, a few weeks went by and I started to lose confidence in the product for a few different reasons. The product contained dyed wool fibers so after a little perspiration on my scalp the product would start causing an irritating itch. Secondly the fibers themselves were absorbing the moisture from my head causing them to expand and change in appearance from when I first applied the product so I carried a mirror with me and would often have to reapply during the day leaving me paranoid and discouraged as I constantly felt the need to look in the While applying the product it would fall on my shoulders and neck and would also become airborne and create a mess each time I applied the product and would have to wipe the restroom down because of the mess.

In 2007 I formulated a product that would work on the same premise but contain none of the same ingredients. I used a more scientific approach vs. Dyed wool or cotton etc.

Hair-Tek is made with an extrusion process where the ingredients are batched, premixed and put into a hopper on the extruder and the ingredients are further mixed and heated up into a rod form where the colors are then encapsulated into polyester resin. The material is cooled off and pushed through a grinder fan that shatters the solid rod into particles that are statically charged and filtered down to the micron size particle required to create our fibers.

Hair-Tek is made from a polyester resin and the colors are obtained by clay fired at different temperatures which is encapsulated into the resin so it is much safer then harmful dyes that are contained in the Chinese fibers. Our fibers are more like particles vs the Chinese fibers which may seem different to the user but Hair-Tek allows a much more natural look as they build up each hair follicle in volume until it attaches to the next, creating a chain effect. The end result is a thicker, fuller looking head of hair.

The Chinese longer fibers end up nesting on each other and the more the client uses the more unnatural it looks in the hair. As they perspire the Chinese fibers absorb moisture and expand and change on appearance which is why so many users end up with an allergic reaction.

With Hair-Tek it's a “once a day no worries” application.

Hair-Tek also is much cleaner during the application and does not create a mess in restroom the way Chinese fibers do.

Take the Test

If you put our competitors’ hair building fibers in a glass of water, it will instantly sink to the bottom of the glass. Hair-Tek hair building fibers float indefinitely! Hair building fibers are a hair loss cosmetic concealer for men and women with thinning hair. The user must have thinning hair in order to work. If the user has an actual bald spot the fibers will not work on the affected area.

Our product is used worldwide by hair transplant doctors to use during the period of time the hair is the re-growth stage.