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Is Hair-Tek Hair Building Fibers safe?

Yes. Hair-Tek Hair Building Fibers are safe to use and will cause no harm.


Can I mix different colors of Hair-Tek Hair Building Fibers?

Yes. Colors can be mixed to create a custom color to match your hair.


Can I use Hair-Tek Hair Building Fibers with other styling products?

Yes. Hair-Tek, Hair Building Fibers can be used with any other styling products. It is important to remember to put styling products (other than hairspray) in the hair prior to applying Hair-Tek.


Can I use Hair-Tek with a hairdryer/flat iron/curling iron?

We recommend that Hair-Tek be applied after the use of any styling tools such as hairdryers, flat irons and curling irons. Once your hair is styled, Hair-Tek Hair Fibers should be used to complete your desired look and add thickness to your thinner areas.


Do I need to use Hair-Spray?

Hair spray is recommended as it will help lock the Fibers to your hair. Please check out our Fuse-Tek Fiber Locking Hair Mist. It is specifically formulated to work with the Fibers and gives an added hold as well as shine. It is advised to stay away from any aerosol hairsprays because the pressure from the spray may shift the Fibers.


Can I take Medication while using Hair-Tek Hair Building Fibers?

Yes. Hair-Tek is designed to be safe with all medications as it is an effective yet entirely cosmetic solution to your thinning hair. It is always recommended to consult your doctor if you have any specific questions.


Will Hair-Tek Re-Grow my hair?

No. Hair-Tek will not re-grow hair. Hair-Tek was designed to eliminate the signs of thinning hair through the cosmetic application of its hair building fibers.


How Long Will Hair-Tek Stay In My Hair?

Hair-Tek will stay in until you wash it out. Some clients wash their hair after a few days. Some say they do not need to touch it up, others add a few puffs to re-volumize.


Does Hair-Tek work on ethnic hair?

Yes. Hair-Tek works great with all types of hair, ethnic hair included. In fact, the texture of the Fibers matches very well with the texture of ethnic hair. Hair-Tek hair building fibers are the best hair fibers for ethnic hair.


Does Hair-Tek, Hair Building Fiber work for men and women?

Yes. Men and Women everywhere trust Hair-Tek Hair Building Fibers and have found our brand to be the best hair building fibers on the market.


Will the colors in Hair-Tek run?

No! Hair-Tek Hair Building Fibers does not contain any dye. Our colors are natural colors derived from the earth and fired at different temperatures.